General questions

Cover + Clear is a subscription box company that delivers a monthly preventative care package that consists of high quality KN95 masks, premium non-latex disposable hand gloves, and hand sanitizers. Founded in 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we curate a package to help prevent coronavirus, influenza, and allergic reactions.
Yes! Our KN95 masks are quality tested and made sure to have a filtration efficiency of more than 95%. Regular cotton masks do not have this type of filtration and are more susceptible to allowing particles such as viruses and bacteria to pass through. Due to the number of imitation masks labeled as KN95 but do not pass the quality inspection, we run our own inspection to ensure that our masks are above that threshold. Be confident with the defense you mount against COVID-19 and Influenza.
Unfortunately the only masks allowed for medical purposes are N95 masks. These masks are in short supply as they are reserved more often for doctors and nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. While our KN95 is constructed similarly and also has a comparable filtration rate, they are not FDA approved and as a disclaimer should not be used in the medical field.

Subscription questions

It’s really simple! Follow these steps:

1. Select whether you are a light or heavy user. If you tend to stay home most of the time but need to run errands occasionally, then we recommend our Light User package. If you tend to go out a lot for work, social events, and errands then we recommend our Heavy User package. This way you’ll receive the quantity of masks, gloves and sanitizer that fits your living style.

2. Select a glove size (s,m,l,xl) to ensure the perfect fit.

3. Enter your shipping and billing information.

4. If you are purchasing it as a gift, you may add a note to your order. For example: “Keep healthy!”

5. And that’s it! All orders are processed within 2 business days and we will typically ship out your first package within a week.
Yes. Shipping is free as long as it is within the United States. Extra charges will apply for subscribers out of the country.
Your first box will be shipped out within seven business days of your order, if not less. After that, boxes will be shipped out on the 4th of every month.
There are a number of reasons why you should join us: For customer convenience, all plans auto-renew (unless it is a non-renewing gift subscription) and all renewals occur on the 11th of each month, until cancelled. For users on the month-to-month plan, renewals occur on the 11th of each month until you cancel. If you are on the 3-month upfront plan, a renewal occurs on the 11th of the month after you've received your last already-paid-for shipment for an additional 3-month renewal (for example, if you sign up on Dec 31 for a 3-month plan, your package will be shipped out on January 4th, February 4th, and March 4th, and then the 3-month renewal charge will occur on March 11th). If you are on the 12-month upfront plan, a renewal occurs on the 11th of the month after you've received your last already-paid-for shipment for an additional 12-month renewal (for example, if you sign up on April 30th for a 12-month plan, your package will be shipped out on May 4th, June 4th, July 4th, August 4th, September 4th, and so on and then the 12-month renewal charge will occur on May 11th the following year).
We ship out our non-initial monthly preventative care packages around the 4th of each month (except December, due to the holiday season), regardless of when you sign up for your subscription. As a confirmation, you will receive a shipping notification email from our system when a shipment goes out. If you want your shipment earlier, please contact us and we’ll get a team member to work with you.
Yes. There is no contract or commitment. Just login to your account, click on edit your subscription and then cancel your subscription. We will be sad to see you go though!
Of course! So if you cancel a three-month subscription during the second month, you will still receive your monthly preventative care package in the third month.

Gifting Questions

Yes, of course! Once you have checked the subscription box as a gift on the checkout page, you are then able to enter your notes in the gift message field. The message will go out as an email once the first box has been shipped.
An email notification with your gift message will go out to the gift recipient only when the first month's box is shipped out from our end. It will NOT immediately go out after your subscription purchase.